07 October 2016, 11:27 AM

Tips To Choose A Reliable P&H Crane Parts Supplier

P&H is one of the most well established and recognisable names in the crane and construction equipment industry. Established in 1887, they have since made a name for themselves as reliable construction equipment makers.


While there are many suppliers who carry P&H crane parts, it’s important for customers to pick a reliable one. Here are some tips to consider when trying to find a suitable P&H crane parts supplier:


  1. Pick a well-known, reputable company

These companies are likely to know more about the parts they carry, and are more likely to be able to advice you and supply you with the right parts. They’re also more likely to carry good quality parts, and are also more likely to be able to give you a reasonable price due to established warehouses and contacts.


  1. As much as possible, get new P&H parts.

P&H is constantly updating and reinventing their technology to improve the way their cranes work. As such, the newer the parts, the more likely that they will work better with your existing equipment.


  1. Genuine parts

Ensure that your supplier is able to supply you with genuine parts, as these work best with the expensive, heavy construction equipment. They are also likely to last a lot longer, and work a lot smoother.


  1. Shipping time and prices

Many companies might take a long time to source and ship your needed parts, which might cost you more money than planned. As such, pick a company that can offer competitive shipping prices and which can guarantee speedy shipping.