07 December 2016, 16:20 PM

P&H Crane Parts

With more than a century of experience and innovation, P&H is known for its reliable, sturdy line of crane and hoist products. Having built its first electric overhead crane in 1887, P&H has since established themselves as one of the leading standards in industrial crane use.

P&H manufactures all their parts, and even their motors so as to ensure that their cranes and equipment are reliable, and that they are able to promise the lowest cost per lift. Because of the stringent quality standards that all P&H parts have to meet, only P&H parts are built and are suitable to meet the needs of your P&H equipment.

This stringent quality standard is also what ensures that P&H remains a trustworthy and reliable name in the crane industry, and that you know that you’re always in good hands while you’re using P&H cranes.

As an official supplier of P&H crane parts, HL Equipment strives to help you maintain the safety and the lifespan of your cranes and equipment. As we stock the newest and latest designs of the different parts, working with us will ensure that you receive replacement parts that match up to, or exceed the standards of your existing crane part. This will ensure that your cranes remain in tiptop working condition for as long as possible, and that your workers will remain safe.

HL Equipment offers market prices on consumable crane parts, and we stock them for delivery in 1-7 days, so that you don’t lose too much time waiting for replacement parts!